Who we are

Get FinTech connects ideas

The mesh between technology and finances, better known as Fintech, is transforming how we look at finances, this is why Get Fintech expands communication channels between companies and entrepreneurs, that are part of the change. The revolution is happening and nothing will stop it, it’s our mission to witness and drive this movement.


To be the meeting spot where people interested in Fintech can share knowledge and form alliances. To create and broadcast events that promote technologies which close the gap between the public and the financial world.


We are witnesses, driving communication between our members in an environment where projects can be created and shares, with the purpose of reaching the public with technologies.


Get Fintech is a non-profit organization, founded in January 2018 in order to create opportunity environments, because we believe the future is in the creative clash between technology and finances.

We are committed with inclusion and diversity, cultivating spaces for learning so that FinTech breaks with traditional finances barriers.