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  • Hello,

    My name is Konstantin and I represent Spell, AWS Technology Partner and MasterCard Lighthouse member, where we build the best in class tech platform which helps Banks and PSP’s to win in the online payments business.

    We help our clients to scale their business by:
    - offering more tools to serve more payments per merchant account;
    - providing their clients with feature-rich self-service tools;
    - counting multi-currency balances in real-time for most complex pricing logic;
    - optimizing all possible daily operations with accounts;
    - cutting IT costs by using the SaaS platform and on-demand IT services.

    Following this link, you’ll be able to find Spell product deck with case studies. https://ourspell.com/Spell.pdf

    I’ve seen that you already operate in online payments. What processing software vendors do you collaborate with at the moment?

    Please feel free to contact me kp@ourspell.com to learn more about Spell and possible synergy or book a meeting here https://calendly.com/ourspell-kp/demo

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